PerfectCrack® Concrete Repair Kit


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The PerfectCrack® Repair Kit includes everything you need to repair and waterproof concrete cracks and seams.
Primes concrete for your epoxies, paints, and decorative concrete coatings.


  • Two quarts of PerfectPrimer
  • One roll of fabric
  • One small bag of TrueGrit texture additive
  • Two pair gloves
  • One mixing cup
  • One razor knife
  • One 2.5” paint brush
  • One spackle blade
  • One large sponge

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Unit SizeCoverage
One Kit25 - 30 Lin. ft.
2 Kit Special Offer50 -60 Lin. ft.

$189.00 – $284.00


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PerfectCrack® Features:

  • Designed for stress, shrinkage, and all non-structural crack repairs
  • Easy concrete crack repairs without “V” routing
  • Works well with most decorative paints and coatings, including concrete overlays, epoxy, paints, and urethanes
  • Helps to prevent new cracks from forming
  • Easy cleanup with water
  • Seamless and flexible
  • Class “A” fire rated
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Tint-able
  • Non-toxic, no odors


Scrape or blow the crack clear. Surface must be clean, dry and sound. To do so, remove dirt, grease, bio-matter, wax and loose particles with the sponge and warm water. You may add a drop of dish washing hand soap to the water. Wait until substrate appears dry before going to step two. NOTE: To clean epoxy, tile, urethane, or polyspartic surfaces; lightly sand the surface, then wipe down with de-natured alcohol.

2: FILL CRACKS WITH PerfectSpackle®:

A flexible, waterproof spackling paste made on-site as needed. Use it to fill and waterproof roof flashings, seams and cracks. To make PerfectSpackle®, mix our TrueGrit® aggregate into PerfectPrimer® until it thickens into a paste that will “hang” or drip slightly on a trowel without being too stiff.


For cracks smaller then ¼” wide, spread“Spackle”into the crack with a spackle blade or finger. For cracks wider than ½”, fill them with TrueGrit®, then top coat with a thin layer of PerfectSpackle®.


Hairline concrete cracks, aka pencil line cracks, may be repaired with PerfectSpackle®, without requiring the Polytex® fabric.


Use the brush or ½” roller to apply PerfectPrimer® to the surface on an an area up to three feet long, and a bit wider than the fabric. Unroll Polytex® fabric into wet area. Then, working from the center out to the edges, brush the fabric until it is smooth. When fabric becomes tacky, apply a second coat. Finished repair is flexible and water proof and can be coated over with your modified cement, mastic, epoxies, stucco, and paints, etc. Hint: For corners, fold the fabric where you want to apply it. Cut a straight line into the fabric where it is folded over. Apply primer and lay the fabric flat down onto itself.


System is not designed for structural repairs. Do not use for negative side waterproofing such as interior foundation walls. Not for use in temperatures below 40 degrees F.


Typical cure time before skim coat is 12 hours. Keep open container out of direct sunlight. Product will dry faster on hot days and may be thinned slightly with water as needed. Product will not cure during continuous high humidity. Work clean: Wear socks or booties to avoid tracking dirt onto the primed surface. Dirt and dust are bond-breakers.


Clean up before product dries with water. After cure it may be removed from the skin using soap and warm water. Once cured it will not come out of fabrics, brushes, etc.


PerfectPrimer® will NOT adhere to silicone, silicone sealed surfaces or TPO. PVC must be first be cleaned (do NOT sand) and wiped with isopropyl alcohol. PerfectPrimer® works with, but may have weaker bonds with vinyl polymer coatings. Always test primer with your coatings before applying them in the field. For surfaces not mentioned in the Complete Instruction Guide, check with the manufacturer.

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