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readers-choice-awardsPerfectPrimer® is a complete floor prep system and universal primer/sealer. It forms a powerful molecular bond between nearly every coating or modified cement, with any clean, sound substrate including: wood, cut-back glue, sealed concrete, metal, roofing materials, ceramic tile, VCT, epoxies, masonry, and linoleum.


  • Applies by brush, roller, or spray. Cleans up with water
  • Proven results since 1999
  • No mixing required. Comes ready to use. Tintable.
  • Specified for use with acrylic, urethane and epoxies
  • Non-Toxic. Environmentally friendly.

PerfectPrimer® One Product, Many Solutions

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PerfetcPrimer over asbestos mastic

Asbestos mastic floor

Asbestos mastic floor

during application
during application

during application

Mastic floor sealed

Mastic floor sealed

Warehouse: PerfectPrimer with new epoxy

Warehouse floor mastic J1
Warehouse floor mastic

Warehouse floor mastic J1

Warehouse floor J2 perfect primer
Warehouse floor J2 perfect primer

Warehouse floor J2 perfect primer

Waehouse floor j3 primer complete
Waehouse floor j3 primer complete

Waehouse floor j3 primer complete



PerfectPrimer over CVT tile

Classroom VCT Tile

Classroom VCT Tile

Classroom PerfectPrimer over VCT

Classroom PerfectPrimer over VCT

Classroom Flake Floor over PerfectPrimer

Epoxy Floor over PerfectPrimer

Epoxy Floor Applied Over Asbestos Glue

PerfectPrimer® surface prep benefits:

  • Molecular adhesion insures a strong bond to difficult surfaces
  • Eliminates removal of chemical stripers and grinding debris
  • Reduces surface prep expense, and project completion time
  • Now safely encapsulate, rather than grind asbestos and lead
  • Perfect for durable waterproof flashings and crack repairs
  • Balances pH, reducing cracking and overlay delaminations
  • Replaces need to water prime, acid etch and neutralize
  • Prevents coatings from moisture loss and rapid drying
  • Bonds to high alkali and high fly ash concrete mixes
  • Materials cost about $.35 cents per sf
  • Specified for use with most coatings systems


Bond any coating to any substrate without grinding… for less than 35 cents per sf.
Surface Prep in one just one step.
Before: Floor with absestos free cut-back glue

During: Apply PerfectPrimerAfter: Ready for Overlay
Bond your overlay and epoxies to even the most difficult surfaces.Applies by roller, spray or brush.
Bonds to acrylic, urethane,
modified cements, or epoxy.

Including: adhesives, ceramic tile, sealed concrete, VCT, epoxy, paint, masonry, and wood, etc.Reduces surface prep time by 90%.Complete surface prep.
Balances substrate pH for superior long term adhesion.No mixing needed. Non-Toxic. Low odor. Easy water clean up. Eliminates disposal of soy gels and grinding debris.
Primes and seals in slab laitance. Eliminates the need to water prime, acid etch and neutralize.Specified for concrete overlay, and epoxy coatings systems.
For use indoors and out.Does not disturb asbestos glue or tile. Replaces the need for grinding or building a new slab
Coverage: 250-300 sf. per gal

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Coverage: 50 – 75 sq. ft / Unit Size: 1 Quart, Coverage: 250 – 300 sq. ft. / Unit Size: 1 Gallon Pail, Coverage: 1,000 – 1,250 sq. ft. / Unit Size: 4 Gallon Box (Buy 3 get one free), Coverage: 1,250 – 1,500 sq. ft. / Unit Size: 5 Gallon Pail

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