PerfectMembrane® – 300 Sq. Ft.


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The Do-It-Yourself waterproofing solution


Specified to bond epoxies, decorative concretes, etc., to any surface

The complete waterproofing, crack isolation, and substrate reinforcing system for use with all decorative coatings.

Replaces tar paper, wire mesh, epoxy flood coats and EPDM at a fraction of the cost!

$ 3.16 PER SQ.FT.

Eight gallons of PerfectPrimer
One 12”x 324’ ft roll of Polytex Fabric


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PerfectMembrane® application process overview:

Spray, brush roll apply (use 3/8” roller) a foundation coat of Primer onto an area a little wider than the fabric and approximately 3′-4′ long. Apply fabric into this wet area. Working from the center out to the edges, use hands, brush or roller to smooth it out, forcing the base coat to come up through the material. Leave no wrinkles or air pockets. Apply a second coat on top of the fabric, and roll flat until no white fabric is visible.

PerfectMembrane®, The only way to waterproof and prepare decks for coatings and overlay systems.

cracked flat roof

Cracked or leaking substrate made from concrete, wood, tile, etc. Almost anything

rolling out fabric membrane on roof

Apply PerfectMembrane

fabric roll application with roller

Primed and ready to bond directly to your concrete overlay or resin coatings

What does the PerfectMembrane® do?

  1. Overlay adhesion primer: Bonds decorative coatings to concrete, wood, tile or existing coatings, without grinding.
  2. Waterproofing membrane: Converts any surface into a waterproof deck. Ideal for roofs, balconies, bathrooms, etc.
  3. Crack isolation membrane: Reduce transfer of substrate movement that cause cracks in your top coatings up to 90% 4: Reinforces weak substrates: For weak or severely cracked surfaces. Perfect for going over existing coating systems.

PerfectMembrane® combines perfectly with your decorative coatings.
The only underlay system specified for the overlay industry.

Inexpensively and properly prepare and waterproof all deck surfaces for your decorative coatings.

Unlike rubber or epoxies, PerfectMembrane® moves and bends so that the substrate and top coatings act as one. Never needs to be replaced. (see comparison chart)

Benefits and Features Include:

  • Bond your overlay and coatings to even the most difficult surfaces.
  • PerfectMembrane® bonds to various clean substrates including: Paint, adhesives, ceramic tile, sealed concrete, VCT, epoxy, masonry, carpet, wood, etc.
  • Balances substrate pH for superior long term adhesion.
  • Safe and easy to install.
  • Primes and seals the substrate for uniform coatings adhesion
  • Applies by roller or brush. Non-Toxic. One part coating. Clean up with water. VOC free.
  • Reduces surface prep time.
  • Eliminates the need to water prime, acid etch, and neutralize
  • Primes and seals to create uniform coatings adhesion.
  • Encapsulates asbestos and lead.
  • Eliminates the need to dispose of soy gels and grinding debris.
  • Bonds to acrylic, urethane, modified cements, or epoxy.
  • Nationally specified for use with all concrete overlay and coatings systems.
  • For use indoors and out.
  • Makes every substrate adhere to coatings, like a new concrete slab.
  • Eliminates the need for tar paper, EPDM, or epoxy and sandflood coats.

Materials calculations:

PerfectMembrane® is made on site from our PerfectPrimer and Polytex fabric.

To order Our PerfectPrimer Membrane system: Figure out how many sq. ft. of membrane you need. Then order the amount of PerfectPrimer® and Polytex Fabric® that you need accordingly:

Coverages to make the membrane system:

  1. PerfectPrimer: 40 sq. ft per gallon.
  2. Polytex fabric. Available in 300 sq. ft. and 450 sq. ft. rolls.

So, for example, if your project requires 400 sq. ft of membrane, you will need: Ten gallons of primer (40 sf per gallon x 10= 400 sf.) Plus one 450 sq. ft. roll of fabric.


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