Polytex Fabric



Use with PerfectPrimer to make customized flashing, repair cracks  and seam repairs for any surface

Use Membrane to:

  1. Reinforcement to the existing substrate: The membrane will reinforce the existing slab, or wood deck to a surface tensile strength of over 3,000 lbs per sq. inch. This is far superior to the tensile strength of new concrete.
  2. Crack and movement isolation: PerfectMembrane  reduces  movement transfer from the substrate to the topcoat, up to 95%.
  3. Flashing systems: Use PolyTex fabric  makes a customized  flashing, crack repair and seam repair system for any surface.
  4. Waterproofing layer: PolyTex fabric adds a reinforced waterproofing layer that will stop top down moisture for both indoors and outdoors applications for many years. It never needs to be removed and replaced.

The PerfectMembrane allows you to properly, easily, safely and effectively waterproof any above grade surface, vertical or horizontal, both indoors and out.

Size chart for this product

Unit SizeCoverage
4" x 30'30 lin. ft.
4" x 162'300 lin. ft.
4" x 324'320 lin. ft.
12" x 162'150 sq. ft.
12" x 324'300 sq. ft.
20" x 162'240 sq. ft.
20" x 324'480 sq. ft.
40" x 165'500 sq. ft.
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4” x 30’, 4" x 162', 4” x 324’, 12” x 162’, 12” x 324’, 20’ X 162’, 20’ X 324’, 40” x 165’