RubberDecky® – 375 Sq. Ft.


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Quickly renew and protect any surface, from patios to roof Decks

What is it used for? To resurface and renew worn concrete, wooden walkways, balconies, railings, fences and decks.
What is it? Proven resins combined with nano-technology form this unique, flexible, wear-coat and weather-shield.
How is it applied? Just roll or brush directly onto decks, walkways, fences,roofs or exteriors. RubberDecky® adheres to masonry, steel, paints, tiles and roof membranes etc.

RubberDecky®  Coverage: 375 Sq. ft.

only $1.53 per sq.ft.

Four gallons of PerfectPrimer
 Four small bags of TrueGrit texture additive
One gallon of top sealer

Waterproof PerfectMembrane add on includes:
9 gallons of PerfectPrimer
One, 20” x 324’ ft roll of Polytex Fabric

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RubberDecky is the worlds’ easiest to apply wood and concrete resurfacing system. *
Benefits of RubberDecky® Inexpensive. 
Easy to use and maintain. Roll or trowel on application. Ideal for pedestrian use.
Easy do it yourself installation. Protects, renews, and beautifies. Can make any deck waterproof.


  • Resists bacterial growth. Salt spray resistant. Flexible. Will not crack.
  • Never needs painting. Environmentally friendly. Flexible and strong.
  • Non-skid texture. Contains no cement. Tints to many colors.
  • Ideal for tight budgets.

Requires minimal prep.

RubberDecky adheres to any surface, including roofing, decking, concrete flat work and vertical walls.This virtually height-less and weightless “deck for life” applies without odor, noise, or mess.

gray concrete slab
image of soft sand product

RubberDecky® is an attractive, inexpensive, non-skid overlay system for pedestrian traffic. To make RubberDecky®: mix our PerfectPrimer and TrueGrit together then roll it on. Finish with our TopSealer.

RubberDecky® applies quickly and easily with no special tools, onto any clean, dry,and tight surface, indoors and out. Adheres to asphalt membranes, cut-back glue, painted or sealed concrete, tile, linoleum, VCT, wood, etc. To make a waterproof deck, apply RubberDecky® over our PerfectMembrane system.

Ideal for patios, pools, basement floors, terraces, or roof decks -wherever a tight budget demands a waterproofing and/or traffic-able deck.

This attractive, low cost solution never needs to be removed and creates an environmentally desirable “cool deck” that meets Energy Star and Prop. 65 guidelines. Re-sealing the deck every few years maintains the surface indefinitely.

* for foot traffic applications

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