Sand-Rich® System

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Sand-Rich® is a liquid applied, multi-layered, waterproof, decorative, protective, tough, flexible stone, deck resurfacing system that adheres to virtually any substrate. It is perfect for flat roofs, pool decks, plywood and concrete floors, terraces, patios, floor tile, etc.

What makes it unique? Sand-Rich® succeeds where all other products fail. Only Sand-Rich® has the suppleness to conform to, and move with the decking surface to which it is applied. Sand-Rich® is a permanent, maintainable solution – assuring the building will never have to apply another roof.


  • Virtually height-less, it does not create door swing clearance problems.
  • Fully adheres, so it will never cause water entrapment, mold, etc.
  • Stops destructive leaks and creates a tough, yet attractive, waterproof deck.
  • Encapsulates asbestos, protects against damage and wear, saves energy and increases fireproof qualities.
  • Fully waterproof when combined with PerfectMembrane® add on

There is no other system available in the US today with the same features.

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Sand-Rich® benefits:

  • Ideal to resurface over failed tiled deck systems
  • Attractive yet tough. Strong yet flexible.
  • Adheres over any substrate, including tile.
  • Non-skid surface exceeds all ADA & OSHA standards
  • Use as a cool deck.
  • Virtually height-less. Extremely lightweight.
  • Custom colors & patterns.
  • Repair parking decks
  • Environmentally responsible. Prevents hazardous debris from entering landfills.
  • More practical than pavers
  • European technology proven over 30 years.

Description: A tough, flexible, hydro-phobic, specifically designed two part thermo-set, plastic epoxy modified adhesive polymer that features excellent adhesive characteristics to a wide range of substrates. It is unfilled and has a Mix ratio of one to one by volume or weight. Product is solvent and VOC free.

Shelf Life and Storage: One year at 59-86 degrees in unopened containers.

Mix Ratio: One part A into one part B by volume or weight.

Cut-away detail

diagram of layers required for SandRich products

Graphical representation of flexibility

diagram of flexible stone products

Additional information


Base Kit, PerfectMembrane Add-On (+$1,370), SlabTight Add-On (+$225), PerfectMembrane + Slabtight Add-Ons (+$1,595)

Aggregate (Sand) Color

Arizona Sand, Blue Hawaii, Dakota Granite, Georgia Peat, Montana Moss, Jersey Slate, Nevada Terra Cotta


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