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A tough, waterborne, one part, film forming, cross-linked acrylic-urethane coating with excellent wear and protective properties. TopSealer® is flexible. It bends but will not crack, dry, rot, or “curl” over time.


As a sealer for Sand-Rich® and RubberDecky® systems. Do not use to seal concrete.


  • Protects against Harmful UV Light.
  • VOC Compliant. Water-Based.
  • Non-Yellowing. Satin Finish.
  • Inhibits mold growth.
  • Good Chemical Resistance.
  • Excellent Abrasion Resistance.
  • Single or Multiple Coat Application.

TopSealer® Coverages

Size chart for this product

Unit SizeCoverage
1 Gallon Pail100 sq. ft. (SandRich) / 250 sq. ft. (RubberyDecky/Concrete)
4 Gallon Box (4, one gallon pails)400 sq. ft. (SandRich) / 1,000 sq. ft. (RubberyDecky/Concrete)
5 Gallon Pail (Minimum order this size: five pails)
-Commercial shipping location only-
500 sq. ft. (SandRich) / 1,200 - 1,500 sq. ft. (RubberyDecky/Concrete)
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Mix briefly for 30 seconds prior to applying. Take care not to induce air into the material when mixing. This will cause “bubbles” in the coating when applied.


Apply using ½” or ¾” nap roller. Move roller l smoothly and slowly this will lessen chances of bubbling of the final film. Alternative method: Apply using a bug sprayer, then back-roll for an even coat. Clean up with soap and water. Apply second coat when first coat is dry to the touch. Total cure time 24 hours.
DO NOT use when Humidity Exceeds 75%.
DO NOT allow Material to puddle.
DO NOT allow Material to freeze.


OverSandrich®, apply one saturation coat at 100 sf per gallon. Over RubberDecky® apply two thin coats at 300-400 sf per gallon.

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1 Gallon Pail, 4 Gallons – BEST VALUE – one gallon is FREE, 5 Gallon Pail