Surface Prep and Decorative Coatings for Every Substrate
PerfectPrimer box 2020


PerfectPrimer® is a complete floor prep system and primer/sealer. It forms a powerful molecular bond between nearly every coating or modified cement, with any clean, sound substrate including: wood, cut-back glue, sealed concrete, metal, roofing materials, ceramic tile, VCT, epoxies, masonry, and linoleum.

Applies by brush, roller, or spray. Cleans up with water
No mixing required. Comes ready to use. Tintable.
Specified for use with acrylic, urethane and epoxies
Non-Toxic. Environmentally friendly.
SlabTight box 2020

SlabTight® Shield

SlabTight® Shield for concrete is a vapor barrier and coatings primer in one. It is based on chemically stable resins with extremely high resistance to moisture vapor transmission. It forms a vapor resistant film on concrete and porous masonry to help prevent gases and vapors from diffusing through the substrate surface from either side.

Dramatically reduces the transport of liquid water and the salts contained within
Dries to an amber film that will change the appearance of the substrate
A bonding primer compatible with most decorative top coatings and flooring adhesives
IronBack box 2020


IronBack® for steel is the complete rust conversion and paint prep coating. It converts rusted steel into stable, black metal, removes oxygen bubbles trapped in the steel to prevent future rusting, and encapsulates the metal with a corrosion protective barrier. It primes rusted and non-rusted steel alike and binds with your water or oil based paints.

Eliminates grinding and dangerous sandblasting
Converts and encapsulates steel to prevent future rusting
Compatible with water and oil-based paints
Contains no VOCs. Non-toxic. Environmentally friendly
Protect and seal your interior and exterior surfaces from water and mold


Concrete coatings primer, Sealer, Waterproofing, and Concrete Crack Repair Isolation all-in-one. This liquid applied, fabric reinforced waterproof membrane and flashing system is the perfect underlay for your overlay coatings or finishes.

PerfectMembrane® is made by embedding our Polytex Fabric® into our PerfectPrimer®. This cures to form the all-purpose, surface prep membrane for use over any substrate. It bonds concrete, wood, tile, mastic or asphalt surfaces, to epoxies, acrylics, urethanes, or polymer cements.

Waterproofs any deck, terrace, roof balcony etc.
Reduces cracking in top coatings by up to 95%
Encapsulates asbestos and lead particles in existing concrete and coatings.
Use indoors and out. Non-Toxic. Cleans up with water.
PerfectMembrane box 2020
Resurfacing / Overlay Systems
Renew and Waterproof your flat roofs and Decks
SandRich box 2020


Sand-Rich® is a Flexible-Stone Decorative Waterproof Overlay System. Adheres to virtually any substrate. Ideal deck resurfacing system for flat roofs, terraces, balconies, patios, etc. The most beautiful of concrete decorative floor finishes… the ultimate concrete floor repair!

Can be applied to virtually any surface, including: wood, tile, concrete and asphalt.

Non-skid surface exceeds all ADA and OSHA standards.

Withstands rapid climate changes and freeze/thaw cycles.
Protects against rust and Ultra-violet damage.
Won’t crack or split.
Won’t rot or dry out.
RubberDecky box 2020


RubberDecky® The World’s Easiest and Most Economical Resurfacing System! Flexible waterproof overlay system for patio to roof deck. Great for flat roofs, terraces, balconies, patios, foundation walls… Adheres to virtually any substrate, including wood, tile, roof membranes, etc.

Resists bacterial growth. Salt spray resistant. Flexible and strong. Will not crack.
Is a perfect DIY system. Requires no special tools.
Never needs painting. Environmentally friendly.
Non-skid texture. Contains no cement. Tints to many colors.
Ideal for projects with a tight budgets.
DIY Repair Kits
Complete DIY Kits that include everything you need to repair and protect your surfaces


PerfectRoof® repair kit forms a waterproof crack isolation membrane that allows the repaired sections to safely move together in every direction. It’s perfect to repair seams, tears, leaks, flashing’s, coping stones, skylights, penetrations and more. It’s the do-it-yourself way to make fast, easy, economical, durable roof repairs.

Repair seal, leaks, tears, skylights & more.
DIY kit includes everything you need.
Works with all building materials.
Environmentally friendly. Easy water cleanup.
PerfectRoof repair kit for seam and flashing repairs flat roofs.


For fast, easy, durable concrete crack repairs. PerfectCrack® repair kit forms a waterproof crack membrane that allows the repair and slab to safely move together in every direction. Use PerfectCrack® to make repairs on concrete wood, metal, or almost surface.

Easy concrete crack repairs without “V” routing.
No messy tar, or epoxy.
Compatible with concrete overlays, epoxy, paints, urethanes & more.
Leaves repaired surface primed and ready for your paint or epoxy etc.
DIY kit includes everything you need.
Reduce future movement cracking in topcoats finishes.
Water cleanup, seamless & flexible & environmentally friendly.
PerfectCrack DIY repair kit for concrete.


One sealer to brighten and protect all masonry. Reduces concrete “dusting”

A tough, waterborne, one part, film forming, cross-linked acrylic-urethane coating with excellent wear and protective properties. TopSealer® is flexible. It bends but will not crack, dry, rot, or “curl” over time.

Protects against Harmful UV Light.
VOC Compliant. Water-Based.
Non-Yellowing. Satin Finish.
Inhibits mold growth.
Good Chemical Resistance.
Excellent Abrasion Resistance.
Single or Multiple Coat Application.
TopSealer is a universal masonry sealer that protects overlay systems, concrete, and paving stones,