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SlabTight® Shield is a protective coating that reduces damage to decorative coatings and floor coverings caused by water vapor, high pH levels, and salt transmission by up to 95%.

Why use it? Decorative and laminate flooring failures cost over ten billion dollars annually in the US alone. SlabTight® Shield helps to ensure against the need for costly repairs to failed concrete overlays, peeling epoxies and paints, buckling wood floors, damp carpets, and tile delamination.


  • Applies directly onto cleaned, bare concrete, whenever installing decorative coatings or floor coverings.
  • Compatible with most decorative coatings and flooring adhesives.
  • Dries and cures in less than one hour.

SlabTight® Vapor Barrier and Coatings Primer in One

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Unit SizeCoverage
1 Gallon Pail250 - 300 sq. ft.
4 Gallon Box (4, one-gallon pails)1,000 - 1,250 sq. ft.
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SlabTight® benefits:

  • Protects concrete, epoxy, carpets, tile, and wood laminate.
    flooring for less than the cost of moisture testing alone.
  • Easy to use. No mixing required. Fast roll-on application.
  • Inexpensive. Typical investment under 35 cents per sq. ft.*
  • Decreases flooring failures that need expensive repairs.
  • Perfect for durable waterproof flashings and crack repairs
  • 4.5 pH improves bonding with epoxies and overlays.
  • One-part, water-based, zero VOC’s and odor free.
  • Seals concrete to reduce dusting and efflorescence.
  • Reduces damp odors caused by bacterial growth.
  • 30 minute cure time reduces labor costs.

*Compared with $1- 3.00 per sf. for plastic sheeting or epoxy vapor barrier methods.

SlabTight® Gas vapor and Salt Blocking Sealer is based on chemically stable resins with extremely high resistance to moisture vapor transmission. It will form a vapor resistant film on concrete and porous masonry to help prevent gases and vapors from diffusing through the substrate surface from either side. The transport of liquid water and the salts contained in it will be dramatically reduced. SlabTight ® dries to an amber film that will change the appearance of the substrate. SlabTight ® is also bonding primer compatible with most decorative top coatings and flooring adhesives.

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Unit Size

1 Gallon Pail, 4 Gallons – BEST VALUE – one gallon is FREE


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